Friday, July 13, 2012

A New Blog, Because I Have to (Write).

I already have a blog that I barely have time for, so why am I starting a new one? Well….because I have to. I’ve been thinking about it for ages, and I considered just adding new categories to my existing blog (which is a food blog that started as a local restaurant blog and broadened to sharing recipes as well – you can find it at, but then it just would have become a mess. The blogging world seems to have become very compartmentalized, and I would not have known where to put a blog that started out as just food and became a hodgepodge of my whole life. So here we are, with me starting a second blog when I barely have time to write in my first one.

Why don’t I have the time for my first one? Partly because I don’t make the time, really. That’s the first answer to that question, the honest one. I love my food blog, I do, but I unfortunately don’t have the money to eat out often enough at new local foodie hotspots to be writing new reviews once or twice a week, and I find it hard to find the energy and time to develop, make, photograph, and then write about a recipe more than once a week. Okay, fine, sometimes more than once a month. But still, during all the time I know I should be working on my blog (it’s a hobby…why do I feel like I should be doing anything, anyway?), I also want to be writing. I write posts in my head, but most of the time only the beginning of those posts, the part that has more to do with what is going on in my life than the food.

So, here I am, starting a new blog to focus primarily on those posts that I write in my head, those posts that will focus on more than just food, but that will still hopefully appeal to those of you reading. Posts that will appeal to you, I hope, because you identify with some aspect of them. My love of food, of cooking, baking, and of course, eating, is only a small part of my life, especially lately, and so I am hoping to connect with others through all of my passions and life experiences in addition to that one hobby.

The day I became a first time mom
Now that I’ve rambled so much about my hopes for this blog and my reasons for starting it, I suppose I ought to actually tell a little bit about myself before really getting started. When I think about how to describe myself, the very first thing that jumps to the front of my tongue these days is “new mom.” Because I am. A new mom, that is. My son is just over four months now, and he is my absolute world and, of course in my eyes, the cutest little creature on this planet. In addition to being a new mom, though, I am also a wife of five years to an awesome British computer geek, a book lover, a Disney dork, a public service worker (although I will rarely talk about my job here), an oldest sister of four girls, and a lover of all things gastronomical. I am educated in psychology (although I don’t really use that degree), hate cleaning house, love show tunes, hiphop, country, and pretty much any other music that I can sing loudly and dance along with, and am completely and totally socially awkward in a way that I hope is somewhat adorable, at least to those that love me.

Hayden at just under four months old

How will I categorize this blog? I’m not sure yet. I’m sure to talk about being a mom an awful lot, so maybe it’ll be a mommy blog, but I’m also going to talk about Disney, and books that I love, and my hobbies, and things that, in my ADD nature, catch my obsessive interest and cause me to ramble incessantly with either praise or criticism. All of the things that, at the end of the day, contribute to my mommyhood but also make me so much more than a mom. So who knows. For now, I’m just going to write. I’ll think about fitting into a box later.


  1. Did you deliver at Winnie? I recognize the blanket :)

    1. I did! It was an awesome hospital :)